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The 2023 Catholic Heroes Tournament

Who will be the CatholicVote 2023 Hero of the Year?

Meet the Heroes

Bishops Michael Burbidge (Arlington) and Earl Fernandes (Columbus), and Archbishops Timothy Broglio (Military) and José Gómez shone as shepherds of the flock in 2023, exhorting American Catholics to take their place in the public square in defense of the unborn, the Catholic faith, and religious liberty.


In the political sphere, Governor Greg Abbott, R-TX, and Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, also stood up to leftist hegemony in the spheres of education and foreign aid, while Judge William Montgomery refused to abandon his post under pressure.


Catholic women made a strong showing in 2023: Lila Rose took on OnlyFans and toxic masculinity, Mary Hasson and Paula Scanlan risked everything to resist trans ideology, and Dr. Monique Chireau Wubbenhorst schooled Congress on women’s health.


Superstar pitcher Trevor Williams spoke out against anti-Catholic bigotry in the woke MLB, and Peter Wolfgang (once again) defeated the culture of death in woke CT.


Regular Catholic dad Brian Arlinghaus sacrificed his business to stand for life in Ohio, and Kyle Seraphin blew the whistle on systematic anti-Catholicism in the FBI. Not to be outdone, Mark Houck was not only acquitted of unjust charges from the Biden administration… but also turned right around and brought the fight back to them.


Who could choose one winner from among such a lineup of heroes?


Only YOU.

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