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Join the fight to keep the military out of the abortion business!

This is one of the worst examples of pro-abortion extremism since Roe v. Wade: using TAXPAYER DOLLARS to pay for abortions via our country’s MILITARY.

Senator Tommy "Coach " Tuberville has been locking horns with that outrageous policy since President Biden and his handpicked operatives at the Pentagon first enacted it in March.

Tuberville, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, is blocking the nominations of all senior defense department officials, using Senate rules, until the Defense Department stops using taxpayer funds to promote and facilitate the killing of unborn children. 

We’re coming up alongside Tuberville and doing everything we can to put a stop to this … but we need your help!

Already, thousands of Catholics from across the country have written to their representatives with a clear message: the military must stop paying for abortion travel.

Thousands of military service members have written to lawmakers telling them “We stand with Tuberville.”

The more people our elected officials hear from about this, the quicker the Biden administration will back down.

We’ve got to get the word out to every voter … and pummel Washington with their rejection of this disgusting policy.

And we’ve got to make the Pentagon see the writing on the wall: the American people do not want this

Senator Tuberville is under constant attack – even from fellow Republicans – for taking a stand on this.

Will you stand with him, with us, and with the unborn children under direct attack by this horrible policy?

Every little bit counts, and whatever you contribute, it will bring us that much closer to getting the radicals behind this policy to back down.

Thank you for helping us to protect the unborn – and to restore the honor of our military!

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