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We received your Petition Signature. But before you go, will you consider something?

The so-called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” mock all that is holy.


“Blessing” each other with sex toys.


“Condom savior masses.”


Men pole dancing on a cross – some posing as Jesus Christ, others pretending to sexually molest our Lord.


And they do all this and more in full view of children.


It’s our job to stand up to these fake “nuns” and anyone who locks arms with them.


This campaign is about so much more than just one baseball team or one hate group.


It’s about whether or not ANY woke corporation will be able to get away scot-free after publicly spreading hate against Jesus Christ, Mary the Mother of God, religious sisters, and faithful Catholics like you and me.


That’s why we’re taking this stand.

And that’s why we’re boycotting the Dodgers.


But this boycott will only work if tens or even hundreds of thousands of people join us.





Even unbelievers who realize how evil this anti-Catholic hate group really is.


The Bud Light boycott brought the largest beer company in the world to its knees because of the sheer number of people who boycotted them.


Will you help make our Boycott Petition go viral by donating to CatholicVote right now?


​Please fill out the form below to make your donation.


Thank you for defending the honor of our Lord and our faith in the face of this disgusting anti-Catholic hatred.

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