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The Difference We’ve Made

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture sometimes, so we at CatholicVote often endeavor to remind ourselves of what we’re accomplishing. We’re highlighting several of our victories this year. 


And none of it could have been accomplished without you. 


First, we got a major win for religious freedom at the Supreme Court.


When Colorado officials tried to force a Christian web designer to violate her beliefs by creating products for same-sex “weddings,” the CatholicVote Education Fund filed an amicus brief in support of 303 Creative when the case went before the Supreme Court.


And toward the end of June … the Court handed down perhaps the most important win for religious freedom since Obergefell. 


Then we took down the ALA with “Hide the Pride.”


Before we even launched this year’s “Hide the Pride” campaign, bad actors in schools and public libraries were already shaking in their boots.


The backlash against this parent-led movement to remove sick, pornographic materials from the children’s sections of our taxpayer-funded libraries has been absolutely stunning. Which means we’re definitely on to something here.  


We also taught the LA Dodgers a hard lesson.


CatholicVote got the word out that the Dodgers planned to honor the hateful group of anti-Catholic bigots called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence weeks ahead of time. 


We ran a $1 million ad campaign throughout the region, blasting Dodgers executives for their anti-Catholicism, and in the end, the Dodgers honored the drag troupe as quickly and quietly as possible – hours before the June 16 game, when the stadium was almost completely empty.


And, most recently, we put the FBI on the defensive. 


Thanks to the congressional oversight that we and others called for, America now knows that the memo targeting “radical-traditional Catholics” was a product of multiple federal employees across the country. 


We 100% reversed the dynamic: Instead of us living in fear of being watched by the FBI, the FBI is now living in fear – knowing the American people are watching them.


These are huge victories worth celebrating. 


And we want to express our gratitude to you for making them possible.


Thanks for being part of our team. 


To help us continue carrying out our mission, chip in today!

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