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You can help End Anti-Catholic Violence by donating to CatholicVote today.

Anti-Catholic terrorists have attacked over 300 Catholic churches and pro-life clinics in the last two years alone.

How many of these violent anti-Catholic criminals do you think Biden’s Justice Department prosecuted?




And in that single, solitary case – the DOJ recommended NO JAIL TIME even though the suspect fully admitted his crime.


The attacker was “transgender” Maeve Nota, a man who claims to be a woman.


Coincidence? You decide.


Meanwhile, the DOJ slammed 34 peaceful pro-life protesters with federal charges in just the last few months. And the FBI is actively spying on Catholics as a “potential domestic terror threat.”


Enough is enough! As faithful Catholics, we demand justice.


Partner with CatholicVote today by making a donation to protect Catholic Churches and pro-life clinics.


Your donation will:

  • Educate the public through our powerful eBooks, TV and online advertisements, letters, and viral YouTube videos.

  • Keep up the pressure on Congress by gathering thousands more petition signatures for our "End Violence Petition."

  • Hold the Biden Administration accountable by providing Congress with evidence, eyewitness accounts, and expert testimony for the House investigation into anti-Catholic violence.

  • And much more!


No matter what you can afford to give, your generosity will make a powerful impact on this fight. 


Most of our donors give under $20. Every dollar makes a difference — donate below now!

Want to make a bigger impact? 

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In thanks for your generosity, you’ll receive special Champions-only perks:


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  • And special thank-you gifts each year

Whether you make a one-time or monthly donation, thank you for your generous support. 


You are directly responsible for everything we do as an organization, and we are proud to partner with you!

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