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Help spread the word about anti-Catholic FBI
actions by donating to CatholicVote!

The FBI is targeting Catholics who believe in traditional values like life, marriage, and biological differences between men and women.


It’s clear that the government is weaponizing the FBI against those who disagree with Joe Biden’s agenda… 


…especially Catholics.


  • Last year, the FBI sent a SWAT-style team to arrest pro-life leader Mark Houck at gunpoint, even though he didn’t violate the law.

  • Over the last few months, the DOJ charged peaceful pro-life protesters with trumped-up crimes – carrying up to 11 years in federal prison.

  • And just a few weeks ago, the FBI issued a memo that recommends spying on traditional Catholic groups because they hold an “anti-LGBTQ ideology.”


It’s time to hold the FBI accountable for their anti-Catholic actions.


Will you donate to CatholicVote to help us hold the FBI accountable?


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Thank you for standing up for our right to live according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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