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Help us continue to fight LGBT ideology.

Thanks to the important work we do at CatholicVote and your enthusiastic support of it, our political and religious leaders have seen that ordinary Catholics in the pews are 100% onboard with the saving truths of our faith.


With your support, we will keep up the pressure.


THANK YOU for helping us in this effort!


We have no doubt that it’s thanks to our bold public witness that even our secular neighbors are having second thoughts about “Pride.”


That’s right: Gallup’s newest poll found that public support for same-sex relationships went from 71% to 64% in 2023 – a 7-point drop in just one year. 


The same poll clocked Americans’ support for males competing in women’s sports at just 26% – that’s down from 34% support two years ago.


Corporate leaders who, as recently as a month ago were at the beck and call of the LGBT movement, are hesitating more and more, pulling more and more of their punches, and even beginning to cater to ordinary Americans’ demands for a return to goodness, truth, and respect for our children’s innocence.


The battle is far from over. But this year, we showed our mettle, and we saw undeniable results. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can win – and are, in fact, winning.


And that means… we must not let up. 


We have a duty to work hard to ensure that the celebration of next year’s “Pride” month will be even more diminished and timid. And with your help, CatholicVote will bring the pressure not only next June, but all. year. long. 


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Every new CatholicVote employee receives this soft, Italian-made leatherette journal to welcome them to the team. And it’s yours with our thanks for your monthly support. 
Most of our impact as an organization is directly thanks to our Champions Club members. Thank you for your support!


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