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Now, take the next step to protect our great nation.

We're facing an immigration crisis like never before. Thanks to high-profile "Catholic" politicians like Joe Biden, many assume that the Catholic answer to immigration is open borders.

But his reckless immigration policies have led to violence in American cities and brutal exploitation of migrants.

This is hardly what our Christian obligation to “welcome the stranger” entails.

Here at CatholicVote, we know the truth: Joe Biden, while being publicly Catholic, promotes policies and principles that are anything but Catholic.

Led by his example, countless Catholics in the U.S. will vote in opposition to their faith: they will vote to support dangerous open border policies that bring harm to both Americans and migrants, killing innocent human life in the womb, the destruction of marriage and the family through LGBTQ causes, and the mutilation of small children who have fallen pray to the trans ideology.

The election is fast approaching. Catholics must fight to reclaim our faith and support candidates who will truly champion our beliefs and our rights!

That's why, at CatholicVote, we're aggressively growing our media presence to change the narrative in this country. We’re working every day to hold accountable the most anti-Catholic presidential administration in our nation’s history.

We create new media, we fight for religious freedom... and we’re forming the next generation of politically engaged Catholics.

Why? Because we believe that you are the key to restoring our culture. CatholicVote has worked tirelessly and won significant battles so that you can live out your faith in daily life. That is true religious freedom. And that is how we will take back our country.


No matter what you can afford to give, your generosity will make a powerful impact on this fight. Most of our donors give under $20. Every dollar makes a difference — donate below now!

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