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Don’t complain about the media. Be the media.
By supporting The LOOP, you’ll help transform America — one soul at a time.

Catholics simply cannot rely on mainstream media to present the world as a sincere Catholic sees it. 


It's not a fair game. 

They are not honest referees; they are trying to manipulate current events to further an agenda.

That’s why we believe it’s critical to inform faithful Catholics with the news that matters most. News that every Catholic should know about — especially the news the mainstream media refuses to cover.

That’s why we’ve set an ambitious goal over the next year: add another 500,000 new subscribers, doubling our impact. 

If we can reach that goal, we’ll be able to reach 1 MILLION faithful Catholics with the LOOP six days a week.

We’ve made good progress this year. But we have a long way to go, and we need your help to get to 1 MILLION people.

Will you help grow the LOOP by joining the CatholicVote Champions Club today?

Champions fuel everything we do. 

In fact, most of our impact as an organization is a direct result of the faithful, monthly support of our Champions Club members.  

While $10 may not sound like it can change the future of our country, the combined impact of thousands of faithful Catholics donating $10, $20, $50 or more each month is already making a dramatic difference.

Join us in this noble work. Become a CatholicVote Champion today!

Get a free CatholicVote journal!

Join the CatholicVote Champions Club with a monthly donation of $10 or more by April 30, and we’ll send you a FREE journal embossed with the CatholicVote logo.


Every new CatholicVote employee receives this soft, Italian-made leatherette journal to welcome them to the team. And it’s yours with our thanks for your monthly support. 


Most of our impact as an organization is directly thanks to our Champions Club members. Thank you for your support!


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