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We'll add your signature to our letter to Senator Tuberville! But before you go, will you consider this?

Senator Tommy Tuberville can't stop the military from promoting abortion all on his own.


He needs our help to force the Biden administration to reverse their extreme pro-abortion policies in the military.

CatholicVote is calling on every pro-life Senator to join the fight... especially our elected Catholic leaders. 

Business as usual in Washington must grind to a halt until the Biden administration backs down.

But​ the fight doesn't stop in Washington, D.C. 

Almost no one is talking about this issue in the media.


When is the last time you heard a story about the military's new policies that use your taxes to fund abortions... including illegal abortions currently banned under state and federal law?

That's why CatholicVote isn't just leading the fight on Capitol Hill. We're also going around the media by taking the truth directly to the American people.

Catholics must lead the charge to save preborn babies. Just like we always have. 

Your donation will help CatholicVote get this story out AND demand real action from our elected officials.

Every life is sacred. No child deserves abortion.

And our military is supposed to defend the lives of Americans not use taxpayer dollars to destroy innocent unborn babies.

Please partner with CatholicVote today by making a generous donation to stand up to Joe Biden's reckless, pro-abortion agenda...and ultimately save the lives of every preborn baby we can.

No donation is too small, and every dollar you donate will make a difference!

Thank you for standing up for LIFE.

Want to make a bigger impact? 

Join the CatholicVote Champions Club today with a monthly donation of $10 or more!

In thanks for your generosity, you’ll receive special Champions-only perks:


  • Our weekly Champions Insider newsletter

  • Special access to live and digital events

  • Sneak previews of new releases from CatholicVote

  • And special thank-you gifts each year

Whether you make a one-time or monthly donation, thank you for your generous support. 


You are directly responsible for everything we do as an organization, and we are proud to partner with you!


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