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Help CatholicVote hold the FBI accountable!

CatholicVote filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI to get answers for you.

We're suing to force the Biden administration to hand over any and all information related to the FBI illegally spying on Catholic parishes and organizations.


We’re demanding transparency from our government.


And we’re determined to uncover exactly what led to this frightening abuse of government power against Catholics.

It’s been over a month since CatholicVote filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to find out how extensive the FBI’s anti-Catholic spying campaign really is:


What prompted the FBI to produce the infamous leaked memo?


Who was behind it, and how far up does this targeting go?


We then threatened to sue the FBI if they failed to respond by the legal deadline.


That deadline came and went.


And the FBI still refused to hand over even one document – even though they were REQUIRED to respond under federal transparency laws.


So we had no choice but to sue the FBI to get answers.


Just think about what this means:


The Biden administration would rather violate federal law than hand over the records we requested.


What are they hiding?


Why are they refusing to respond?


This investigation could be even bigger than we initially thought. 


Every Catholic in America deserves answers from the FBI.


And CatholicVote is the only Catholic organization in the country that’s getting them.


Will you chip in today to help us reach our $10,000 fundraising goal?


Your contribution will help get to the bottom of the FBI’s double standard of justice for Catholics.


This is about so much more than suing the FBI.


It’s about protecting our right to live and worship as Catholic Americans without facing discrimination from our own government.


So whatever you can afford to contribute, please give what you can now to help keep up our work.


Fill out the form below to complete your donation to help us hit our $10,000 FUNDRAISING GOAL.


Please know that we will keep fighting for your rights.


And no matter what it takes, we WILL get answers.

Get a free CatholicVote journal!

Join the CatholicVote Champions Club with a monthly donation of $10 or more, and we’ll send you a FREE journal embossed with the CatholicVote logo.
Every new CatholicVote employee receives this soft, Italian-made leatherette journal to welcome them to the team. And it’s yours with our thanks for your monthly support. 
Most of our impact as an organization is directly thanks to our Champions Club members. Thank you for your support!


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